Fun with Food

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February 6, 2018

Fun with Food

In late 2016, D Scott Media began working with College Chefs, a culinary company headquartered in Champaign, Illinois, that serves food exclusively to sorority and fraternity students across the United States. This is not the typical food service provider you may have had in college serving up frozen pizzas and powdery mashed potatoes. This is creative, fresh, from scratch, better than momma’s food on a daily basis!

College Chef’s classically trained chefs come straight out of high end restaurants, country clubs, or their own restaurant they owned and operated. College Chefs strives to create ridiculously good food for its clients every day. It was exciting to have the opportunity dive into the stories that make College Chefs a fantastic company.


Social Media Success

College Chefs already had a strong social media presence when we started working with them. Video marketing was something they discussed for several years before they brought us onboard. Our goal was to help them elevate that presence with great video.

Over the course of about 14 months, our partnership generated over three quarters of million Facebook views, hundreds of comments, thousands of likes and shares and great publicity for the company. Our videos made people hungry! It is a successful venture and prime example to demonstrate how high-quality video content can generate real business. In 2017, we produced 7 featured house videos throughout the country and interviewed the entire ownership and management team. We traveled to L.A., Gainesville, Denver, and many schools in the Midwest. In addition, we created a new series of training videos and several short clips for social media marketing. Overall, we developed a library of content for College Chefs that aids in their operations and sales/marketing strategy. Here is a great example of the work we do with College Chefs!

“Daniel’s genius lies in how he relates to, and seeks to truly understand his clients.  From day one he was able to meld with our company culture and convey very accurately our core values.  We are continually impressed with his awareness and his ability to pull the best out of the people he’s working with.” – Jared Bost, Director of Operations, College Chefs.

Create and build a library

We encourage all of our clients to think about building a library of content. This is so crucial to successful video marketing and can be tapped into at any time when you need content fast. Many of our clients have been with us for a long time, and it shows in their library. We have hours of interviews, amazing soundbites, b-roll, photographs and graphics on standby for the next project. It makes planning for future work so much easier and social media campaigns a breeze. Hours of interviews = countless opportunities for short Facebook videos, blog entries, trade show materials – you name it. It also makes future video work much more affordable.

Let’s work together!

We think we have a pretty awesome job. Creating videos is really fun! It’s even more fun when our clients are excited about what we create together. If you would like to learn more about us and our process, reach out! Let’s grab some lunch. It may not be as tasty as what College Chefs prepares, but we can try!

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